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About Your Actor Headshot Shoot


I shoot your headshots in and around my studio which is located in the Midlands, close to the M6 motorway and mainline railway station 

My shoots usually last for around an hour but more extensive shoots can be booked if a larger portfolio of work is required.

After the shoot I email you the 'contact sheets/thumbnails' of the photographs from our session to you, so you can take your time and choose your favourite shots from our day.   I then edit your choices as high and low res digital images for use on Spotlight etc

I would suggest bringing 4 or 5 different style tops for your shoot

Colours that match your eye colour can work well but patterns and logos will distract the viewer so keep things simple

Garments that have a wide low neckline usually work best, avoid grey but black and whie are OK

Make-up , every day make-up is the ebst way to commence a shoot, you can always add more later if you think you need to but simple is best

Hair , if you have more than one look then we can shoot with your hair down to begin with and then look at alternatives as the shoot progesses





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